"... through our Fiscal Sponsor, ACTION Council of Monterey County ."


What does NAMC do?

Well-run and effective nonprofits are essential to society, contributing to the overall economic wellbeing and quality of life. At NAMC, we strive to:

• Develop and foster collaborations between Monterey County nonprofits

  • Implement programs that strengthen infrastructure within Monterey County nonprofits
  • Serve as an advocate for Monterey County nonprofits and the community members they serve
  • Educate the public, businesses and local governments about the critical role nonprofits play in our community
  • Provide sector-wide infrastructure to promote the resiliency of the nonprofit community in times of crisis or disaster

2014/15 Annual Report


  • 2003 — Community leaders Elsa Quezada, Ricky Mazzulo and Joe Grainger form Nonprofit Alliance of  Monterey County (NAMC) in response to financial and political upheavals that led to decreased   funding, a loss of critical community services and a decline in the quality of life in local communities.
  • 2004 — Guided by a Core Leadership group of nonprofit leaders and local funders, NAMC conducts a survey to uncover the needs of local nonprofits. The developing group affiliates with the ACTION Council to provide fiscal 501(c)(3) sponsorship.
  • 2005 — The ACTION Council conducts an Economic Impact Survey, funded by the Harden Foundation and partnering with NAMC that shows the nonprofit sector to be a major employer in Monterey County. NAMC organizes events, including brown bag lunches, socials and conferences, and holds the first in a series of Cultural Competency conferences.
  • 2007 — With its first paid staff member on board, NAMC continues to provide educational workshops and legislative updates, networking nonprofit and public agencies and advocating in political circles on behalf of the nonprofit community.
  • 2008 — NAMC creates an initiative as a partnership between nonprofits and public agencies to improve service delivery across social, cultural and economic lines. A Blue Ribbon Panel of nonprofit and public agency leaders creates a mission statement and vision and provides guidance and input for a strategic plan.
  • 2013 – NAMC conducts a Nonprofit Impact Study, to update economic information from the 2005 report, and to collect  data on social, political, environmental and technological impact of nonprofits.
  • 2014 – NAMC celebrates its 10th Anniversary, and institutes a recognition event to celebrate outstanding nonprofits and the Unsung Heroes that staff their programs.
  • Today — NAMC continues its work in helping maintain healthy communities through respectful and cooperative relationships among nonprofits, governments and businesses. Its current central projects are Diversity & Social Equity and Advocacy for Nonprofits.

Core Leaders

NAMC is an unincorporated membership organization governed by Core Leadership, a 10 to 15-member group elected annually and representing the range of key actors in the nonprofit industry. Currently, the ACTION Council of Monterey County acts as NAMC’s fiscal agent.

Mark Boos

Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast

Jennie Burciaga

Restorative Justice Partnership

Tom Conway

Easter Seals of Central California

Jesse Herrera

Latino Social Workers of Monterey County

Berniz House

Arts Council for Monterey County

Larry Imwalle


Paul Mondestin

Fund Emporium

Kaki Rusmore

Community Foundation for Monterey County


Sue Parris

NAMC Project Coordinator