"... through our Fiscal Sponsor, ACTION Council of Monterey County ."

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Working definition: “Advocacy” encompasses a broad range of activities that can influence public debate and policy decisions that affect entire communities. This may include educating the public and policy makers about issues of concern, attempting to influence legislation, working to shape the development of governmental agency rules and regulations, and ensuring that underrepresented communities have a voice in the policy process. – from Alliance for Justice

The goal of NAMC’s Advocacy Committee is to provide support, tools and connections on behalf of community members served by Monterey County nonprofits. NAMC participates in a broad range of activities that help influence public debate and policy decisions while advocating for the nonprofit sector as a whole.

Advocacy in an organization: Advocacy in an organization influences outcomes affecting people’s lives by attempting to alter the current policy or practice environment.

Advocacy Tactics: Even if you only need a small handful of people to do the work, you need the backing of large numbers to give your cause legitimacy.

Basic Steps to Leg Advocacy: State and local policymakers want to hear from their constituents – you – the voters in their districts and communities. Tools for nonprofit advocacy from Alliance for Justice. Information on legislation impacting California nonprofits.