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Nonprofit Alliance of Monterey County To Launch Updated Economic Impact Study

in January 2014

The study will also identify political, social, technological, legal and environmental impacts of the county’s charitable nonprofits

PACIFIC GROVE, CA — Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in sustaining Monterey County’s economic and social health. In 2005, the Nonprofit Alliance of Monterey County (NAMC) contributed to “For the Common Good: The Economic Impact of Monterey County’s Nonprofit Industry,” a statistical report developed by the ACTION Council of Monterey County. Representing a diverse community of nonprofits with varying missions and of varying sizes, the report became a valuable tool for explaining a sector dependent upon both funders who share common interests and the public for general support.

Now the Nonprofit Alliance of Monterey County — a membership organization that advocates for the nonprofit sector and offers members other important services – will be updating the 2005 study in order to track the sector’s impact over time.

Anna Foglia, Chair of NAMC’s Executive Committee comments: “NAMC was a partner in the 2005 study funded by the Harden Foundation and we are delighted to be spearheading this update, thanks to the support of the Monterey Peninsula Foundation.  Our members believe it is important for the general public to understand how crucial nonprofits are to the economic and social fiber of our county and to better understand the integral role all kinds of nonprofits play in the overall quality of life for the people who live in Monterey County.”

While the 2005 study focused solely on economic impacts, the new survey will identify and describe political, social, technological, legal and environmental impacts, laying out the important issues and trends that Monterey nonprofits will need to address over the next 5-10 years. Research will be undertaken  through surveys and interviews with a stratified sample of leaders and experts both locally and nationally. This research will be conducted under the leadership of Professor Ernest Scalberg, Adjunct Professor of International Management at MIIS, working with a team of recent MIIS graduates.

Much has changed in the world and in the county since 2005, especially during and following the major recession. The fast-growing nonprofit sector has itself been evolving, not only adapting to new challenges and new needs — including exploring new ways of collaborating — but also by developing new ways of understanding its efforts and in demonstrating its worth. These two sector trends — the changes and growth in those served and the evolving sophistication of its assessment tools — make it an especially favorable time to take another look at the sector’s role throughout the county.

For the Common Good – 2005 Study

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in sustaining Monterey County’s economic and social health. The purpose of For the Common Good is to tell the story of local nonprofits and to demonstrate their collective strength and impact on the local economy.

You can download the Executive Summary of the study,

2 megabytes PDF form.

or, download the Trends Impacting Nonprofits report,

1 megabyte PDF form.